Digital-first growth is harder than ever before.

Our experiences as growth systems operators and startup advisors have shown us what will hold true in the next phase of growth:



A few Observations on TOday’s digital markets

  1. Underserved markets. As we enter the later stages of the smartphone s-curve & await the acceleration of new s-curves, the biggest opportunity for value creation is around building tech-enabled solutions for historically underserved customers.

  2. Community building. It is increasingly easy to build software. Now, the real value is in finding customers, retaining customers and building the data layer to understand customer behaviors.

  3. Novel distribution channels. Traditional paths to user growth (i.e. scaling via spend on social media channels) are getting harder. The law of diminishing returns & an emerging user skepticism of big tech will require companies to build a more creative growth toolkit.

  4. Media attention. Value propositions of convenience and affordability are table-stakes. With the exponential growth of digital media platforms, brands must build the top of the funnel through personalized media strategies that speak to the many segments of their addressable markets.

  5. Trusted brands. The convergence of digital and analog growth strategies will blur what it means to be a “digital-first” brand. The transition towards bimodal thinking will create a new class of trusted brands.

  6. The growth mindset. Hiring talent to build an effective and efficient growth engine is increasingly difficult due to high recruitment competition & relatively low volume of quality growth operators. Training people towards the growth mindset is more critical than ever before.

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